The Mobile Turbo Mash

An innovative system for pre-digestion of hardly degradable and difficulty usable input materials and input mixtures.

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The main advantages at one view

Use of cheaper substrates
With the Mobile Turbo Mash, the gas yield from fibrous substrates is up to 30% higher. Cheaper substrates, such as for instance manure, straw, or landscape conservation materials, are usable without expanding the fermenters.
High methane concentration

The methane concentration of the biogas is increased by around 5% with the use of the Mobile Turbo Mash.

More flexible plant operations

With a targeted control of the substrate supply in the Mobile Turbo Mash, the daily demand fluctuations of biogas can quickly be compensated.

Low time and construction requirements

The expenditure of time for the delivery and installation of the Mobile Turbo Mash is very low thanks to this mobile and pre-assembled system. As the Mobile Turbo Mash can be run a year as a trial operation, the time requirement for the approval does not come up before the commissioning.

Low space requirement
Only a small area of overall around 100 m² is required for the Mobile Turbo Mash. The modules are very small and can optimally be placed in a current biogas plant.
Low energy input
The energy input when using the Mobile Turbo Mash is around 50 % lower, in comparision to the extension of the fermenter's volume.

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